• Compact Disc (CD)


    1. Hostis Humani Generis
    2. Cathedral of Hatred
    3. Under the Hammer of Doom
    4. Labyrinth of Madness
    5. Giants
    6. Emperor of a Dying Garden
    7. Insanity Supreme
    8. Buried with a Brick in Mouth
    9. The Whip and the Chain
    10. Pagan Hordes
    11. Your Kingdom come

    12. Queen of the Black Coast (Bonus track)
    13.Can´t play, won´t pay (Napalm Death cover)

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Listen here:

-Legacy Of Brutality - Giants ALBUM TRACK - Cathedral of hatred : youtu.be/1toj7djV8T8?list=PLbpdpOxPCLxMAiSxeTfPtrOoxvP8452ZY

-Legacy Of Brutality - GIANTS - DRUM Recording [Mixing process]: youtu.be/kxJ7LETtIRs?list=PLbpdpOxPCLxMAiSxeTfPtrOoxvP8452ZY

- 1st Album Preview : youtu.be/iD_46liSf2o?list=UUMjrcX2_uy5zBOSkANUzoMQ

- 2nd Album preview: youtu.be/k3dhgjLgdwk?list=UUMjrcX2_uy5zBOSkANUzoMQ


released October 31, 2014



Chief Records Ltd Puerto De Vega, Spain

Chief Records Limited es un sello de música creado por miembros de LEGACY OF BRUTALITY y ROAD ROLLER, para dar salida a sus trabajos principalmente.

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